Sessions are usually an hour long.  The sessions are very collaborative.  I know CBT, but you know yourself better than anyone.  Together, we can understand what it is you want from your therapy sessions.  I work by focusing on gaining a shared understanding of what it is you want to achieve in your life, because that’s what’s important.  How do you want things to be different? 

We will also look at what you are doing now that is helpful and what has helped you in the past.  Most people who are struggling with their mental health are coping in really difficult circumstances and it can feel very lonely.  Having a plan helps.

CBT will teach you techniques around managing the way you feel.  This will involve you participating in practicing the techniques discussed at home. 

A lot of learning can happen outside of the therapy room and this takes an amount of commitment to the process.  The thought of having to work outside of therapy can be daunting, especially if your motivation is poor, however, remember that CBT is a very successful clinical intervention and sometimes being open to new experiences can affect change.  

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