What Do I Do Now?

Step One: You can contact CBT For You via phone, text or email.  Our details are on our contact page.

Step Two: Your email or phone call will be followed up within 24 hours (except at weekends).

Step Three: You will be offered the opportunity to discuss what coming to therapy will look like for you and why it is you have made the decision to contact us. 

Step Four: You will be offered an appointment for an initial assessment at the first available opportunity and with the therapist of your choice. 

Step Five: Following your assessment, if you decide that starting therapy with CBT For You is the best way forward for you, you will be offered a mutually convenient date and time for your next appointment.

Step Six: You can pay for your therapy session as you go, or in a block if you prefer.  We accept cash and bank transfers.  Invoices and receipts are provided.  All bank details are made available at the initial assessment.  We are affiliated to most insurance companies.

What Happens in THERAPY Sessions?

Our initial assessment and our therapy sessions are usually an hour long. 

Each session will be very collaborative and constructed around your needs. 

At CBT For You we can tailor our therapy to suit you.  Each therapy session will focus on gaining a shared understanding of what it is you want to achieve in your life, because that’s what’s important.  How do you want things to be different?  What does that look like?

We will ask questions about what you are doing now that helps and what has helped you in the past.  Most people who are struggling with their mental health are trying their best to cope with a difficult period in their lives and it can feel very lonely.  Having a plan helps.

A lot of learning can happen outside of the therapy room which takes an amount of commitment to the process.  We understand that the thought of having to work outside of therapy can be daunting, especially if your motivation is poor.  However………..

CBT For You will teach you skills and techniques around managing the way you think and feel.  CBT For You will help you understand what you could ‘do’ differently now, to help you feel better. 

Remember, CBT, ACT and CFT are very successful clinical interventions and sometimes being open to new experiences can affect change.  

Our therapists know CBT and ACT, but you know yourself better than anyone.  Together, we can understand what it is you want from your therapy sessions. 

At Our Clinic

Daleswood Health is an Independent Health Care Clinic located in Barston Solihull. 

Daleswood Health is owned by Dr Alison Denton and Dr Oliver Denton.  As well as all GP services the clinic offers Physiotherapy, Pilates, Sports Massage, and other Allied Health Services to accommodate all health needs.  

The Practice rooms are private and confidential.  There is a reception and waiting area for convenience.  There is ample parking available. 

CBT On Line

It may be easier for you to access therapy from your own home using SKYPE or ZOOM for example

Online therapy services have been tried and tested to establish effectiveness by the NHS and other organisations and it is helpful. 
Flexibility is a benefit of this service.  Days and times can be arranged by mutual consent. 

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Contact Us
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