Are you someone who strives to always reach goals others may see as excessively high?  Do you expend so much energy on reaching goals that are probably unattainable that you are exhausted and have no energy?  Do you feel that you fail most of the time?

Do you see attaining your excessively high goals as a way of feeling you have achieved, to confirm your self worth? 

When life is like this, it may feel easier to find reasons not to try at all.  It’s too exhausting and disappointing.
Working with a therapist allows you to understand the process of perfectionism.  Why life is like this for you.  How have you reached this difficult place and how can things be different?

Learning to look at yourself with compassion and kindness is something that therapy can help you with. 

Talking to someone who is non-judgmental may help you to focus on what you value in your own life and what your own priorities actually are. 

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