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Daleswood Health is an Independent Health Care Clinic located in Barston Solihull.  Daleswood Health is owned by Dr Alison Denton and Dr Oliver Denton.  As well as all GP services the clinic offers Physiotherapy, Pilates, Sports Massage, and other Allied Health Services to accommodate all health needs.  

The Practice rooms are private and confidential.  There is a reception and waiting area for convenience.  There is ample parking available. 


CBT On Line

It may be easier for you to access therapy from your own home using SKYPE.  Online therapy services have been tried and tested to establish effectiveness by the NHS and other organisations and can be helpful.  Flexibility is a benefit of this service.  Days and times can be arranged by mutual consent.  Please contact me to discuss this option.

It may be that you need to have a short Refresher Session with me after finishing a course of CBT.  Refresher sessions are especially helpful for people who are managing OCD for example.  You know what helps, but, you may feel you need to talk things through if your life is stressful without coming back for more one to one sessions.  A brief reminder might be enough. 


Home Visits

On occasion, I will see people in their own homes.  I would be prepared to offer this service if you are restricted by physical difficulties, age or for other reasons.  We could discuss this option over the phone initially. 

Times and days could be arranged by mutual consent.  I would have to charge for the cost of petrol and in some instances travelling time.

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