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Deciding to engage in therapy is a big decision. If you are reading this information, you are doing so for a good reason. You may feel as though you have tried lots of different ways to help yourself. Or, that you have asked lots of different people for help and it has just not worked out. Or you may feel that you have struggled with something for so long, you are tired and worn out. 

Looking for the ‘right therapy’ is daunting and can be confusing. That is why at CBT For You, our therapists work from therapeutic models in addition to CBT. We can adapt our knowledge to suit you. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an evidence and mindfulness-based talking therapy. At CBT For You, we have a specialist interest in ACT

In our experience, ACT is an effective clinical therapeutic intervention because it facilitates open conversations about what each person holds as meaningful and important.   

If you can understand what is important, you can learn how to move towards those values, often in the face of adversity, and that can be transformative. 

ACT focus’ on helping people to become more open to their experience, more able to respond to their experiences in any given moment and more able to make choices around moving towards living their ‘best’ lives.

ACT is a behavioural psychological therapy. ACT teaches people how to change their behaviour in the presence of the difficult ‘stuff’ (emotions and thinking) we all have to live with.

As a professional team, our goals are to be productive, to be collaborative and to develop our understanding of each person in each clinical session.  

In the service of, and, being guided by our values of helping others and compassion.

CBT For You will help you realise your goals in the service of doing what is important to you.

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