Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), what is it and how can it help?

CBT is actually quite difficult to describe.  It is also quite hard to understand because it’s one of those things which it makes sense best if you DO it. 

I can describe the process of CBT, but, people experience the process of it in different ways because of who they are and also because of who their therapist is.  Having therapy means you are in a relationship and no two relationships are the same.

You know you. A skilled and experienced therapist will be able to help you know CBT in the context of you and the difficulty you are experiencing.  This context is different for everyone because we all have different personalities, life experiences and ways of looking at the ourselves, other people and the world.  

I have found a video on which I think describes the process of CBT in the most comprehensive way: let me know what you think;


CBT is becoming aware of what, when and how you think, your thoughts.
CBT is understanding how your thinking effects the way you feel.
CBT is knowing how you behave in response to your thoughts and feelings
CBT is being aware of how distress feels in your body.

CBT therapy means working out how to make our responses to our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and bodies different so we can move forward and stop being stuck in old habits, in cycles of thinking, feeling and doing that may not be helpful.  Then we can move from a position of distress to another place.  We could feel better.




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